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The unbreakable LED handrail


LUX GLENDER ULTRA SAFE is an LED handrail lighting system developed for particularly robust applications or areas exposed to special loads for various staircase railings or handrails.

Handrail illuminated foot and cycle path bridges, motorway bridges, tunnels, underground car park ramps, maritime areas and similar are the usual areas of application for the LED handrail LUX GLENDER ULTRA SAFE.

This LED handrail system consists of a high-quality stainless steel profile manufactured according to all standards and regulations of the German building code and a fully encapsulated ULTRA SAFE luminaire with stainless steel socket, protection class IP69, impact resistance IK10 and protection class III.

The ULTRA SAFE luminaires are project products. The best approach is to discuss the project in detail with our engineers. To clarify details that need to be taken into account during planning and, if necessary, to commission us with the detailed planning.

During the detailed and implementation planning, the optimum number or length of individual luminaires is precisely defined. These luminaires are manufactured for you as project luminaires and delivered to you together with cable harnesses and fixing materials.

With the right planning, curved and coiled LED handrails are also possible with ULTRAS SAFE luminaires.

Areas of application

LED handrail lighting for
  • Emergency and safety lighting
  • Tunnels, bridges
  • Subways
  • Car parks
  • Exterior staircases
  • Building entrances
  • Parks, gardens
  • Other publicly accessible areas with high demands on vandal resistance and robustness
  • Railings according to guideline drawing (RiZ)


  • Easy construction
  • Extremely robust because of the stainless-steel case and Polyurethan potting
  • Insect-proof lighting
  • suitable for private and public areas


  • Suitable for outdoor areas
  • With symmetrical and asymmetrical light emission
  • Available in stainless steel V2A and V4A
  • Different surfaces and lacquers available on request
LED handrail profiles available for ULTRA SAFE


ø 42,4 mm


ø 48,3 mm


ø 60,3 mm


40 x 40 mm


60 x 45 mm

Possible mountings

Mounting options for LED handrails
LED handrail with handrail bracket or post from below

With this standard assembly of the LED handrail, the hand can glide through unhindered. This variant can be implemented for all common posts and handrail brackets.

The light band is interrupted by the base holders. LED strip inside the handrail can, however, be continued without interruption. This interruption of the continuous row is not visible on the floor.

The light band can only be seen from below, not from the side.

LED handrail turned towards the stairs with handrail brackets or posts from below

With this fastening variant, fewer components are required, but more effort is needed on the part of the welder.

The LED handrail is turned in the direction of the staircase, so that a wider staircase can be illuminated more evenly.

The light band is not interrupted and can be seen from the side.

This variant offers designers the possibility of combining a homogeneous light band with the advantages of asymmetrical illumination.

If the handrail brackets are positioned correctly, the user's hand can also glide through unhindered with this variant.

LED handrail shining downwards or turned towards the stairs/treading surface

This modification is often used for bridges, terraces and other applications that do not require the hand to glide through freely.

In this case, the handrail holder is welded to the side of the LED handrail. The light emitting surface can be parallel to the ground or also rotated.

This mounting variant enables a continuous homogeneous light band and easy connection to posts made of other materials. The handrail bracket can be screwed to the posts, e.g. made of steel. This results in cost savings due to few components.

The light emitted by the LED handrail

Symmetrical or asymmetrical light emission

With the ULTRA SAFE illuminated handrail, symmetrical and asymmetrical light emission is possible.

In an urban environment, the use of space under the bridge also influences the lighting design, as there are often other traffic routes that should be protected from dazzling lighting. Above all, it must be ensured that road users passing under the bridges are not dazzled by the handrail lighting. This is particularly important for railway lines and waterways, but also for roads and cycle or pedestrian paths.

Buildings adjacent to the bridge should also be included in the lighting design. Modern LED lighting technology and appropriately matched mounting heights ensure targeted light control and prevent glare. We strive for the most glare-free illumination possible of the pedestrian and cycle path bridges in conjunction with illuminated handrails.

Each project is unique so we are happy to coordinate the planning with you in detail.

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