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The LUX GLENDER Alu-Wood profile with integrated LED light strip fits every wooden handrail

With the LUX GLENDER Alu-Wood profile, the wooden handrail with lighting becomes an aesthetic design element for planners, architects and house builders.

The insert for the wooden handrail consists of only one aluminium inner profile with beading, which is integrated into the wooden handrail in a simple way. The result is a finished, illuminated wooden handrail that is just as easy to use as our classic BASIC system. It is suitable for all types of wood and can be combined with all components of the BASIC and SAFE systems from LUX GLENDER.

First select a wooden handrail from a carpenter or timber merchant

Both are good addresses for the wooden handrail of your choice. Then only the selected LUX GLENDER Alu-Wood profile needs to be professionally integrated. The LUX GLENDER Alu-Wood profile is suitable for all types of wood. A suitable groove is created with a milling cutter. You can obtain the exact dimensions for the groove from LUX GLENDER GmbH by e-mail or as a download from the homepage. The new aluminium profile is inserted into the milled groove and screwed to the prefabricated holes with the countersunk screws, or it is simply glued into the wood.

After the profile has been worked into the wood, assembly works according to the usual pattern. With "BASIC", only the high-quality LED strip is glued into the Alu-Wood profile and closed with a symmetrical, opal cover. If asymmetrical radiation or security against vandalism is required, the "SAFE" system can be used symmetrically or asymmetrically. The Alu-Wood profile is excellently suited for illuminated wooden handrails indoors as well as outdoors.

As a result, a wooden handrail with lighting is a real eye-catcher that becomes an aesthetic design element of the home.

The aluminium wood profile from LUX GLENDER is available in 3 metre lengths and can also be mitred to suit individual requirements.

The LUX GLENDER Alu-Wood profile is also an ideal solution for handrail lighting on wooden bridges, or bridges with illuminated wooden handrails.

Areas of application

From now on, wood lovers will also get their money's worth With the new LUX GLENDER Alu-Wood profile, almost anything is possible
  • Illuminated wooden handrail for private houses
  • Wooden handrail with lighting for offices, surgeries, chambers
  • LED wooden handrail at schools, day-care centres, kindergartens, universities
  • Staircase lighting with wooden handrail at retirement homes
  • Accentuated wooden handrail lighting in hotels, bars, restaurants
  • Handrail lighting on wooden bridges


Wooden handrails with LED lighting: Where would you like them?
  • Suitable for indoors and outdoors, as stair lighting and outdoor lighting.
  • Wide choice of different light colours
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical light distribution possible in LED wooden handrail
  • LED wooden handrail as BASIC or SAFE system
  • Suitable for all types of wood
  • Handrail bracket in RAL colour on request
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