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Here we highlight current topics, new projects, knowledge, tips & tricks, assembly instructions and much more - everything about the LED handrail.
LED handrail lighting is a linear, homogeneous and glare-free type of lighting that sets the scene for paths and stairs, provides better illumination and accident prevention, offers more safety and protects our environment.
17 May 2024

Discover the revolutionary Matrix LED lighting from LUX GLENDER for bridges!

With this innovative technology, positioning LED lights has never been easier, allowing for impressive illumination for any bridge project. Our unique MATRIX LED arrangement offers precise and effective lighting solutions. The MATRIX lighting syst...
31 January 2024

The best made-to-measure LED handrail: LED lighting with motion detector

A smart companion for your home can provide you with both comfort and safety. A made-to-measure LED handrail with motion detector combines these two aspects in an innovative way. In this blog article, you will learn how this smart handrail works, ...
17 October 2023

Our system adapts to every curve

Innovative, robust and aesthetic: we proudly present our latest achievement in the world of lighting - the SAFE luminaire for our LED handrail system. This groundbreaking development combines outstanding technology with robustness and design and s...
19 June 2023

The best views at the Federal Horticultural Show 2023: Sustainable lighting and barrier-free paths

The panorama walkway at the Federal Horticultural Show 2023 not only sets architectural accents, but also impresses with its lighting system. An innovative concept is used here that has a positive impact on the environment. Thanks to the "light in...
19 April 2023

What an LED handrail costs - and why it's worth it!

In this blog, we will take a closer look at the factors that play a role in pricing and how much you should budget for a high-quality handrail with lighting. We will also look at possible savings and alternatives. When it comes to ...
23 March 2023

Unbeatable together: Carl Stahl ARC and LUX GLENDER join forces!

This time it's about the cooperation between Carl Stahl ARC and LUX GLENDER in the field of architectural lighting, fall prevention and sustainability. The two companies have already worked together on numerous projects - such as the Expressguthal...
01 March 2023

Tree guards ensure the preservation of the urban climate

Trees and plants growing in the immediate vicinity of traffic areas need special protection. Tree guards are therefore an important tool for preserving trees in urban environments. They help protect the roots of trees from damage caused by road wo...
22 September 2022

LED handrail made of wood: The simplest solution from LUX GLENDER WOOD

The naturalness of wood, the cosy ambience of LED light and the optimum safety of stair lighting. This is what the LED insert from LUX GLENDER WOOD for the wooden handrail stands for. The insert for the handrail is perfect if you like wood and wan...
03 August 2022

Twelve convincing arguments in favour of an LED handrail from LUX GLENDER

Stainless steel handrail with energy-efficient LED lighting at an optimum height - this is how the light-specific features of the handrail system from LUX GLENDER can be summarised in one sentence. This special constellation gives rise to a whole ...
26 January 2022

Scientifically illuminated: The "Light up!" initiative

To ensure that the initiative "Light up! Germany's Darkest Corners" initiative is also illuminated from the important scientific side, we are particularly pleased to have Dunja Storp and her nationally recognised scientific expertise on these time...
29 November 2021

Always choose the best LED handrail

Whether for public spaces, hospitals, retirement homes, kindergartens or wherever accessibility is important. You will have bright joy and tailor-made safety on site for a long time. It is a great wish of many people to be allowed to grow old in t...
10 November 2021

The LED bike rack

The replacement of conventional communal lighting systems with future-proof and energy-saving solutions will occupy our society for many years to come. For this we have developed our LED handrail and made the paths, stairs and subways safe. Light ...
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