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Lux Glender Basic


The LUX GLENDER “Light-in-Handrail-System” finds its application in accentuating and illuminating stairs and pathways in private homes, gardens, commercial buildings, doctors‘ offices, retirement homes, on company premises, hotels, bars and all areas that require good, sure-footed lighting. This lighting system creates atmosphere in areas where no vandalism is expected.

The low light spot height below the field of vision does not dazzle the eyes and relieves night-time vision. This fine, targeted and pleasant type of lighting is appreciated by people with and without impaired vision.

  • Easy assembly
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Can be used as a single light source
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution
  • Light intensity and switch-on time can be controlled
  • Light colour according to own preference
  • Simple replacement of the light strip
  • Homogeneous light line. Individual LED points not visible (only with symmetrical light distribution)
  • Glare-free due to low light spot height
  • Available in stainless steel AISI 304 and AISI 316
  • Different surfaces and finishes available on request
  • Bending and 3D-turning of the handrail possible
  • Meets the requirements for planning principles of barrier-free construction according to DIN 18040
All handrail profiles in tested stainless steel quality with APZ-3.1
High-quality light strip
Simple installation thanks to click system
Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution through cover
Homogeneous, gentle illumination of stairs and paths
Lux Glender Basic

Lux Glender Safe


The LED handrail system LUX GLENDER SAFE is a further development of the BASIC system. For the new light of the SAFE system, we have combined numerous experiences from projects and customer requests to develop the SAFE light. It has a polyurethane casting that makes it resistant to moisture and vandalism. The casting also ensures that the light fixture is insect-proof. In addition, it offers high impact resistance and a high degree of protection against dust and water.

The plastic casing allows direct installation in curved and coiled handrails without the need for extra bending or piecing of the luminaire. Installation of the SAFE luminaire is very simple as it is clipped directly into the profile with beading.

The SAFE system is ideally designed for lighting all public areas such as schools, public stairways, sports stadiums, foot and cycle bridges, etc.

The LUX GLENDER SAFE system allows the installation of an LED handrail with symmetrical wide-beam light emission or asymmetrical light distribution. The reflector in the luminaire directs the light in one direction while the other side is less illuminated. This special reflector ensures excellent and uniform illumination of the illumination of the path, minimizes the glare of road traffic below and the illumination of creatures in the water.

Cables for the power supply line can be laid between the light and the handrail profile.


  • Suitable for emergency and safety lighting
  • Exterior staircases
  • Building entrances
  • Car parks
  • Parks, gardens
  • Tunnels, bridges
  • Schools, day-care centres, kindergartens, universities
  • Other publicly accessible areas


  • Ideal solution for spiral and curved LED handrails
  • Insect-proof lighting
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for public areas
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor areas
  • With symmetrical and asymmetrical light emission
  • Available in stainless steel V2A and V4A
  • Different surfaces and lacquers available on request
Fotograf: Roland Halbe
SAFE luminaire is suitable for the profiles Lilly, Emil and Alu-WOOD available
Cavity serves as a channel for the project-specific cable harness, ideal for long distances
SAFE luminaire - [P69, IK10, protection class III
Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution
Lux Glender Safe

Lux Glender Ultra Safe


Developed for particularly robust applications, it is ideal for areas that are exposed to special loads. It is suitable for the illumination of foot and cycle paths bridges, motorway bridges, in tunnels, underground car park ramps, maritime areas and similar situations.

This LED handrail system consists of a high-quality stainless steel profile manufactured according to all standards and regulations of the German building code and a fully encapsulated ULTRA SAFE luminaire with stainless steel socket, protection class IP69, impact resistance IK10 and protection class III.

The ULTRA SAFE luminaires can also be used as bridge lighting according to BASt, RIZ-ING Gel 10, both for new bridge railings and as a retrofit for existing railings.

The ULTRA SAFE luminaires can be used for specific projects. Planners and architects can discuss their project in detail with our engineers and are invited to clarify the details that need to be taken into account during planning. If necessary, LUX GLENDER will also take over the planning of the details.

With timely preliminary planning, the use of ULTRA SAFE luminaires is also possible with curved and coiled LED handrails.

  • Suitable for emergency and safety lighting
  • Extremely robust and vandal-proof
  • Insects cannot fly into the luminaire
  • Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution
  • Sand and dirt cannot get into the luminaire
  • Suitable for use above railway tracks
  • Illumination of longer distances with one power feed
  • Suitable for handrail according to BASt, RIZ-ING Gel 10
  • Light inserts of variable length, depending on project requirements
  • Low light spot height - no glare
  • Simple and quick assembly
  • Easy maintenance and individual luminaire replacement possible
  • Maintenance without the use of lifting platforms
  • Suitable for use of high- pressure cleaners
  • Light intensity and switch-on time can be controlled
  • Can be used as the only light source on the bridge
  • Bar luminaires fully encapsulated with PU compound, IP67, IK10, protection class III
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
Can be implemented with all handrail sizes
Cavity serves as channel for project-specific wiring harness, ideal for longer distances
ULTRA SAFE luminaire available for all slot sizes
ULTRA SAFE luminaire - IP69, IK10, protection class III
Symmetrical or asymmetrical light distribution
Lux Glender Ultra Safe
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